Bright Spot: Honolulu, HI | Streamline Verification of Veteran Status

September 20, 2019

Streamline processes for verifying and indicating veteran status in your by-name list database through dedicated coordination between the coordinated entry and VAMC staff.

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Streamline verification of veteran discharge status and program eligibility through coordination between dedicated coordinated entry staff and VAMC staff. This change dramatically increased effectiveness and reduced the length of time for referral to veteran housing programs as it alleviated the task and time of non-VA staff making this verification before referrals were made. This also resulted in time-saving for VA staff as they no longer have to take multiple and unplanned calls and inquiries to check veteran status. 

Key Action: Working with local HMIS

A field was created in the local HMIS system that can only be edited by VA staff to indicate veteran discharge status and program eligibility. This helped to ensure the accuracy and consistency of this information. The local VAMC must have access to the local HMIS system. Initially, begin with having VAMC staff go into HMIS or the By-Name List database and indicate veteran status and program eligibility. When new veterans are entered into HMIS or the By-Name List database the coordinated entry staff would let the VAMC staff person know and prompt them to review new veteran intake data and the run eligibility checks and then indicate status in HMIS. 

Key Action: Streamlining Referrals 

VAMC homeless programs are committed to only taking referrals through the coordinated entry system. With veteran status verified and noted, the coordinated entry staff can more confidently and more quickly make referrals from the by-name list to veteran programs.

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