This collection of resources contains Built for Zero’s best and newest thinking about what it takes to get to functional zero. Whether you’re looking for sample policies and procedures, a tool to help you assess community progress, or the next change idea for an improvement project, the Built for Zero team has something in this section for you. Browse by clicking on a collection, or find exactly what you’re looking for in the BFZ Change Package using the search function.

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Problem Solving

You’ll learn the four problem-solving methods you need to move your community toward ending homelessness.

Quality By-Name List (BNL)

Work with our coaching team to build a comprehensive real-time, by-name list of all single adults experiencing homelessness in your community.

Reduce to Functional Zero

You’ll learn the science of testing improvement ideas in rapid cycles to drive monthly reductions in homelessness.

Sustaining Functional Zero

Learn how to sustain your progress, once you end homelessness for a population.

Zero for All

Expand your focus to new target populations, to drive toward ending all homelessness.