Housing Stabilization Learning Cohort (HSLC)

What is the Housing Stabilization Learning Cohort?

An innovation cohort of Built for Zero (BFZ) and other communities focused on co-creating local approaches to coordinating and targeting prevention resources to reduce homelessness and housing insecurity.

Levelsetting: What do we mean by “prevention”?

Homelessness prevention refers to policies, practices, and interventions that reduce the likelihood that someone will experience homelessness. It also means providing those who have been homeless with the necessary resources and supports to stabilize their housing, enhance integration and social inclusion, and ultimately reduce the risk of the recurrence of homelessness.

What is COORDINATED Homelessness Prevention?

A community-wide approach that uses common risk screening criteria to identify people who are housing insecure, including those who are at greatest risk for literal homelessness, and then offers immediate, coordinated access to housing problem-solving and prevention-related resources, including prioritized access to assistance for people  with more urgent prevention needs.

Participating Pilot Sites  

  • Greater Hartford, CT
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Eugene/Lane County, OR
  • Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, CA
  • Richmond/Contra Costa County, CA