Zero for All

Expand your focus to new target populations, to drive toward ending all homelessness.

Youth Resources

Assess and engage with a racial equity lens

Provide Youth professional development, leadership, and compensation opportunities

  • Engage youth in advocacy and policy-making at the project, local, state and national levels.
  • Build strong foundations and training for young people working in the systems affecting their lives. Make it easy for youth to gain knowledge about systems so they are prepared to engage in the work (e.g. create an acronym list, provide a description of systems and their processes, have mentors/people that young people can seek out for guidance and for their questions)
  • Include young people in the training and professional development opportunities that project staff receive.
  • Compensate youth for their time and expertise with a stipend or paycheck instead of bus passes, pizza, gift cards etc

Strengthen natural community supports

Develop a flexible-data driven housing portfolio