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Social Media Toolkit

A monthly digest of social content for Built for Zero communities

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Digital Media Toolkit for the 2024 PIT Count

This resource aims to provide leaders of Built for Zero with communication tools to talk about the 2024 PIT Count.

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2023 AHAR Communications Toolkit

This resource aims to provide leaders of Built for Zero with guiding questions to develop a communications strategy on how to respond to the 2023 Annual Homeless Resource Assessment release …

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Talking about Housing First

Detroit is one of the large cities in the last mile of functional zero for veteran homelessness in Built for Zero. As they continue working toward this goal, the veteran …

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Talking about Shifts

Run Charts Definition: A run chart is an essential measurement tool from the field of Improvement Science, used to track a phenomenon like homelessness across a whole community over time. …

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Talking about Built for Zero

Built for Zero is a movement of more than 100 communities in the United States committed to measurably ending homelessness — and proving that it is possible. Built for Zero communities …

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Talking about By-name data

What is by-name data? By-name data is a comprehensive database of every person in a community experiencing homelessness, updated in real time. Using information collected and shared with their consent, …

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Talking about functional zero

What is functional zero? How is functional zero calculated for specific populations? MEDIA KIT You can access our Built for Zero media kit at this link.

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Guidance for journalists on how to cover the Point-in-Time count

The annual Point-in-Time count of homelessness is an event that invites coverage from local outlets. It is an opportunity to report on the state of homelessness in a community and …

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Talking about Racial equity

Racism and homelessness are inextricably linked. Research shows that Black and Native Americans experience homelessness at disproportionately high rates, even when we control for disparities in poverty level. This means …

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Announcing the achievement of quality by-name data

Key Resources A Built for Zero community only achieves the milestone of reaching quality by-name data when the Built for Zero Data Team validates that the community has officially reached …

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Achieving functional zero

Key Resources Templates Media kit You can access our Built for Zero media kit at this link. Case Studies/Examples

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