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Social media coalition

April 3, 2024

What is this group?

The BFZ social media coalition is a group of communications professionals who work in Built for Zero communities across the nation. 

This is a space where coalition members can amplify social media posts, strategize digital tactics, learn from one another, and more!

It is meant to be a collaboration for all of us to uplift the work we’ve been doing and learn how we can support each other.  

Working together, we will be able to build a robust organic presence online.

This group will be managed by Katie Stasa, Senior Digital Media Strategist at Community Solutions and Lisa Tran, Social Media Specialist at Community Solutions.

Benefits of joining the group

Peer-to-peer connection

Slack channel to connect with peers and digital strategists at Community Solutions.

Access to resources

Monthly social media toolkits shared on the Comms Hub and slack channel.

Peer learning

Monthly meetings with other BFZ comms professionals to discuss the latest trends in social media and upcoming campaigns for amplification. 

1:1 support

Optional office hours with the digital strategist at Community Solutions.

Digital deep dives

Optional digital trainings on topics such as paid ads, short-form videos, AI for social media, and more!

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