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Criminalization doesn’t solve homelessness — it only makes it harder to escape.
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Johnson v. Grants Pass Communications Toolkit

Resources for communicating about the Johnson v. Grants Pass Supreme Court case.

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Johnson v. Grants Pass Earned Media Toolkit

Leverage earned media to join the national campaign to combat harmful narratives about homelessness and advocate for data-driven solutions.

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Social Media Toolkit

A monthly digest of social content for Built for Zero communities

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Digital Media Toolkit for the 2024 PIT Count

This resource aims to provide leaders of Built for Zero with communication tools to talk about the 2024 PIT Count.

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2023 AHAR Communications Toolkit

This resource aims to provide leaders of Built for Zero with guiding questions to develop a communications strategy on how to respond to the 2023 Annual Homeless Resource Assessment release …

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Talking about Housing First

Detroit is one of the large cities in the last mile of functional zero for veteran homelessness in Built for Zero. As they continue working toward this goal, the veteran …

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Talking about Shifts

Run Charts Definition: A run chart is an essential measurement tool from the field of Improvement Science, used to track a phenomenon like homelessness across a whole community over time. …

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February 2023 BFZ State of the Movement Call Materials

The Built for Zero State of the Movement Call on February 23, 2023, brought together several hundred attendees to learn more about Built for Zero’s history and future, connect with …