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Digital Media Toolkit for the 2024 PIT Count

January 4, 2024

This resource aims to provide leaders of Built for Zero with communication tools to talk about the 2024 PIT Count.

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Each January, communities across the nation come together for the Point-In-Time (PIT) count, an initiative to understand and address the issue of homelessness. This significant effort often involves a network of volunteers who assist in accurately counting individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

To support this crucial endeavor, we have curated a comprehensive package of resources. This includes key messages, tailored social media content, and examples from various communities, all designed to enhance your digital strategy for the Point-In-Time count.

As a member of the Built for Zero community, you’re part of a pioneering approach that goes beyond the annual count. The methodology involves gathering real-time, person-specific data on a monthly basis, providing a more dynamic and detailed picture of homelessness. In our resource kit, you’ll also find specialized messages that effectively communicate the importance and necessity of this continuous data collection, helping you to articulate this vital aspect of our collective mission.

About the count:

The Annual Homeless Assessment Report is based on Point-In-Time estimates. 

  • This “snapshot” count of people experiencing homelessness was conducted on a single night in January. Imagine it like a photo of a single moment. 
  • These national counts provide valuable data for policymaking and research. However, we can’t gather the necessary information to house people by counting them only once a year, especially when communities are only required to do an unsheltered count every other year. 
  • There are people moving in and out of homelessness over the course of a year. That’s why communities can work year-round to house thousands of people but still have a rise in overall homelessness. 
  • To get a clear picture, we need more than a one-night snapshot. 

About real-time data:

In [community name] we are committed to measuring homelessness in real time. 

  • We work to maintain a list of every person experiencing homelessness. Using information collected and shared with their consent, each person on the list has a file that includes their name, homeless history, health, and housing needs. 
  • This helps us make data-driven decisions, prioritize resources, and ensure we leave no one behind. 

We may see an increase in homelessness when we commit to better data collection. 

  • As our picture becomes clearer, we prepare for an initial rise in numbers. This isn’t a setback; it’s a crucial phase in our journey. Understanding the full scale and complexity of homelessness is essential to developing truly effective solutions.
  • By dedicating ourselves to identifying each person experiencing homelessness, we often unveil a deeper truth — there are more individuals in need than we ever anticipated. This isn’t just about counting heads; it’s about recognizing our neighbors and bringing them home. 

Solving homelessness takes making the invisible visible and bringing our collective efforts and resources to meet the challenge it presents. 

  • Data is the path to making sure that neighbors who have been invisible are visible and receive the support they need. 
  • It creates accountability for ensuring that systems are driving toward zero and producing equitable outcomes along the way. 
  • It ensures that critical investments, like affordable housing, are connected to those needing it. 

Guidance for journalists

🚨 Attention journalists! Covering the Point-in-Time count? Check out this guide: 

#HomelessnessIsSolvable #PITCount #ByNameData

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What is the Point-in-Time count?


📊 As the Point-in-Time count nears this January, let’s see it as a starting point. As a @BuiltForZero community, we know that data is key to solving homelessness.

🌟 By-name data is our next step, reshaping our approach to homelessness. It goes beyond numbers to understanding each person’s story.

🏠 We’re not just counting individuals – we’re tailoring housing solutions to fit every unique journey.

#PITCount #ByNameData #HomelessnessIsSolvable


📊 As the PIT count nears, we see it as a starting point. We know that data is key to solving homelessness.

🌟 That’s why we capture by-name data on unhoused neighbors.

🏠 We’re not just counting individuals – we’re finding housing solutions.

#HomelessnessIsSolvable #PITCount

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🌟 The Point-in-Time count is pivotal in understanding homelessness, but it’s real-time, by-name data that drives transformative change. 

With this approach, we’re developing personalized, year-round strategies to effectively solve homelessness. Dive deeper into how we’re making a difference: 

#HomelessnessIsSolvable #PITCount #ByNameData


The PIT count is a crucial step in understanding homelessness, but real change comes from by-name data. This approach allows us to develop personalized strategies to solve homelessness year-round.

#HomelessnessIsSolvable #PITCount #ByNameData

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🌃 Tonight, [INSERT CITY] joins many U.S. cities in the #PITCount, a critical effort to understand homelessness. Journalists covering this event, here’s an essential guide to help you report accurately and empathetically:
#HomelessnessIsSolvable #ByNameData 🌟


🌃 Tonight, [INSERT CITY] and cities across the U.S. join the #PITCount. It’s a vital step in understanding homelessness. Journalists, for accurate and empathetic coverage, here’s your guide:
#HomelessnessIsSolvable #ByNameData 🌟

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