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Staffing Innovations for Emergency COVID-19 Response

Guidance on how to innovate and increase staffing in homeless response systems as crisis response.

USC: Flexible Housing Subsidy Call Out Sheet

Memo on flexible housing subsidy programs piloted across U.S.

Large City Examples Leveraging SSVF from Detroit, D.C., and Phoenix

Built for Zero recently spoke with leaders from large cities in the Built for Zero Collaborative to hear how they are utilizing new funding and program flexibility for the Supportive …

Housing Innovations: Sample Policy

Sample policy for initial CoC & ESG unit inspection in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Detroit CoC: Summary of Regulatory Waivers and Process for Requesting Waiver for CoC Programs

Overview of HUD waivers currently available for CoC funded programs and how to notify HUD of usage.

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We appreciate all of the communities, providers, and people working to ensure the safety and health of individuals experiencing homelessness during this crisis.

State of California: Sample Hotel Occupancy Agreement

AUTHORITY: State of California DATE PRODUCED: April 3, 2020 TYPE: Legal Guidance SHORT DESCRIPTION: This guide provides some useful considerations for communities in developing language when booking large blocks of rooms …

Leadership structures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Six community examples of leadership and decision-making structures, coordination, and priorities.

USICH: COVID-19 Planning and Response: Isolation and Quarantine: Lessons Learned from Seattle & King County

Details on how Seattle and King County, Washington, have set up and maintained isolation and quarantine units for people experiencing homelessness.

Raleigh News & Observer: Here’s how the homeless are being screened in Wake

In Wake County, NC, they’re using tablets and telehealth visits to care for people experiencing homelessness.

Austin American-Statesman: City chooses hotels as isolation sites to house homeless coronavirus patients

Austin-Travis County is utilizing telehealth to provide mental health treatment and making face-to-face visits only as needed.

Fremont County Public Health Director issues public health order for non-congregate shelter

Canon City Daily Record article on Fremont County’s emergency pandemic response.

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