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The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness Blog: Eight Built for Zero Canada communities begin work on ending veteran homelessness

Eight Built for Zero Canada communities are committing to end veteran homelessness by March 2022. The eight communities are piloting and testing an approach to ending veteran homelessness that has proven successful in the U.S. and can be scaled to any Canadian community.
November 18, 2019

Funded by Veterans Affairs Canada’s Veteran and Family Well-Being FundBuilt for Zero Canada (BFZ-C) will begin work this January with Chatham-Kent, Fort McMurray, Hamilton, Kingston, London, Moncton, Peel Region, and St. John’s to achieve functional zero veteran homelessness by March 2022. 

BFZ-C is adapting a model from Community Solutions in the United States where 69,000 veterans have been housed, nine communities have ended veteran homelessness and two communities have reached functional zero for both chronic and veteran homelessness. The same approach is being used by 33 Canadian BFZ-C communities focused on chronic homelessness. Four BFZ-C communities have already achieved reductions in chronic homelessness.