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#WorldHomelessnessWeek social media toolkit

October 2, 2023

We have developed a social media toolkit to help you promote #WorldHomelessnessDay and #WorldHomelessnessWeek.

Below, we have shared links and instructions for how to share it. 

If you have any questions about this toolkit, please contact

Key messages

  • Homelessness is a reflection of some of the most irreparable and immeasurable harms being borne by individuals, communities, and our society at large.
  • This moment demands that we appreciate what is at stake — and possible — for the movement to end homelessness.
  • The stories we tell shape the actions we take. Policies and decisions based on misunderstandings of homelessness got us here. This moment demands that we get it right. 
  • Homelessness is not intractable. Communities are proving it. 
  • Homelessness is solvable.

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Social media Ideas and trends you can implement 

  • Use our template to create a carousel graphic highlighting your community’s achievements in 2023, showing proof of what’s possible when we work to solve homelessness.
    • Once in Canva, click “File” in the upper left corner, then “Make a copy.” Edit the file, download, and share!
  • Film a video (30-60 seconds) of a team member sharing one thing that is at stake if we don’t solve homelessness, and one proof of what’s possible in solving homelessness.
  • Film a video (1-2 minutes) saying “Today is World Homelessness Day. What does today mean to me? It means…”
  • Film a video (30-60 seconds) discussing what is your favorite part of your job/work.
  • Tag us if you share World Homelessness Week content!



When we solve homelessness, everyone benefits.
30-second video

The costs of homelessness.
30-second video

Social Copy

Please include the included links in all posts. If you choose to develop your own messaging, please include the hashtags #WorldHomelessnessDay, #WorldHomelessnessWeek, #HomelessnessIsSolvable and/or tag @cmtysolutions or @BuiltForZero. Please feel free to tag other partners.

🏠 Homelessness is a struggle that isn’t borne only by individuals, but by all of us. The evidence is clear: when we reduce and end homelessness, everyone benefits. #HomelessnessIsSolvable #WorldHomelessnessWeek

The stories we tell shape the actions we take. This moment demands that we get the story of homelessness right. The costs associated with it are immeasurable — but homelessness is not inevitable. .🏠💪#HomelessnessIsSolvable #WorldHomelessnessWeek

  • Homelessness is a struggle that isn’t borne only by individuals, but by all of us.

The evidence is clear: when we reduce and end homelessness, everyone benefits. 

✨Lives improve

💰 📉Public costs are reduced

🏥Health outcomes improve

💪And communities become stronger

#HomelessnessIsSolvable #WorldHomelessnessWeek

The call to solve homelessness is not just about mitigating costs. It’s a moral imperative to uphold the principles of equity, justice, and compassion. Join us in calling for change this #WorldHomelessnessWeek #HomelessnessIsSolvable

Homelessness reflects deep, irreparable harm to individuals, communities, and society. This #WorldHomelessnessWeek, let’s recognize what’s at stake and possible. 🏠💪#HomelessnessIsSolvable #WorldHomelessnessWeek

Homelessness is solvable. We can build a different future. Communities are proving it. Join us in telling a story about what is at stake and what is possible .🏠💪#HomelessnessIsSolvable #WorldHomelessnessWeek

📣 Spread the word: #HomelessnessIsSolvable! Check out our advocacy toolkit and help us spread the word this #WorldHomelessnessWeek

This #WorldHomelessnessWeek, we are calling for a louder, truer story of homelessness: what is at stake and what is possible. The first gives us urgency — and the latter shows us the way forward. #HomelessnessIsSolvable #WorldHomelessnessWeek

Earned Media

To raise awareness for World Homelessness Day on October 10, we invite and encourage you to amplify the progress in your communities. We’ve provided a press release template where you can share milestones and achievements from the past year as well as quotes from your organization. You can make a copy of the press release template or use the text below.

If your organization plans to issue its own press release and would like to include a quote from a Community Solutions spokesperson, please share the press release with us in advance to

On World Homelessness Day, [CITY/COUNTY] Marks Progress Toward Ending Homelessness

[CITY, STATE] (October 10) — Today, [COC/LEADING ORGANIZATION] marked World Homelessness Day by detailing the progress that [CITY/COUNTY] has made toward ending homelessness as part of the Built for Zero initiative, led by national nonprofit Community Solutions.

“On World Homelessness Day, we recognize these milestones and acknowledge the challenging journey ahead,” said Beth Sandor, chief program officer at Community Solutions. “With a data-driven, human-centered approach, we can transform our support systems and turn our vision for ending homelessness into a reality.”

Since CITY/COUNTY] joined Built for Zero in [YEAR}, they have achieved several milestones:

  • ## people were housed.
  • Reduced homelessness among [veterans/people experiencing chronic homelessness/single adults/youth/families] by ##% from [TIME FRAME], down from ## to ## people.
  • Recorded quality, by-name data on every [person/veteran/single adult/youth/family] experiencing [homelessness/chronic homelessness]. This data enables [CITY/COUNTY] to track whether homelessness is declining or increasing from month to month.

Built for Zero is a movement and methodology of 107 U.S. cities and counties, including [CITY/COUNTY], committed to using data to measurably and equitably end homelessness for entire populations. [CITY/COUNTY] works to achieve and sustain “functional zero,” a measurable milestone in which the number of people entering homelessness is fewer than the number of people a community can house in a given month.



Community Solutions is a nonprofit committed to creating a lasting end to homelessness that leaves no one behind. It leads Built for Zero, a movement of more than 100 communities in the United States working to measurably and equitably end homelessness. Using a data-driven methodology, these communities have changed how local systems work and the impact they can achieve. To date, 14 communities have reached a milestone known as functional zero, a milestone for ending homelessness for a population. Learn more at or follow us at @CmtySolutions. 





Community Solutions: Lauren Barnes,

Good afternoon, [NAME],

I know you cover [insert news beat here, homelessness, general news, etc.], and so I wanted to reach out to you about World Homelessness Day on October 10.

We are using the day to highlight what’s at stake if we don’t solve homelessness and proof of what’s possible when we come together to solve it. This learning brief, embargoed until October 9, goes into detail on the various costs of homelessness. I’ve also attached a press release, also copied below my signature, that has more details on our progress to solve homelessness. 

Is this something you are interested in running or setting up an interview for? [INSERT names and titles of who is available for interviews] would be happy to talk to you about our work to reduce and solve homelessness.

I’m excited to hear from you.


[email signature]

Copy the press release below the signature. Not every reporter can open attachments or links. 

  1. Build list of local media contacts that include general news reporters, homelessness reporters and housing reporters. Include newspapers, online news outlets, radio stations and broadcast outlets. If you need help building a media list, please email 
  2. Send email pitches to each reporter. If you are able to, embargo pitch media between October 4-6, so they can set up interviews ahead of the 10. If not, sending it out on the 10th is also great. You can use the template language above. If you want to draft your own pitch, it should include:
    1. Personal intro 
    2. Succinct pitch with story details
    3. Who is available for interviews
    4. Specific ask to run the press release or cover the story 
  3. Follow up with reporters who haven’t responded within two business days (can be by email or phone)
  4. Schedule interviews as needed
  5. Prep interviewees
    1. Here is an example of a reporter brief and talking points document
    2. Here is a reporter brief template
    3. Here are media tips and best practices 
  6. Follow up with the reporter after the story (this is a great opportunity to restate the main messages, clarify anything from the interview, follow up on story timing, etc.)
  7. Share the news story on your other communication platforms (social media outlets, newsletters, websites, etc.) 

If you want to learn more about how to build an earned media strategy, different types of media interviews and how to do outreach to reporters, please visit this resource.