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Data Shaping with Tableau Prep

August 27, 2021

Before you can visualize and analyze your data, your data must be as clean, complete, and machine-readable as possible. Manually scanning through your data and making the same corrections over and over again takes away time that could be better used analyzing. Tableau Prep can save you hours of time each week through automated workflows that clean, pivot, and join your data.

This exercise will walk you through foundational data shaping concepts such as consistent data types and shows you how to apply those concepts to your data through Tableau Prep. By the end of the exercise, you will have an automated workflow that cleans, reshapes, and joins data together in one click!

Skills of Note:

  • Consistent Data Labels
  • Consistent Data Types
  • Tall vs. Wide Data
  • Data Joins
  • Data Unions

From Session 2: Data Cleaning and Shaping