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Evaluating One’s Own Bias Training: 

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Orientation Day 1 Bias Training:

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Orientation Day 2 Bias Training:

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Orientation Day 3 Bias Training:

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How Do We Create Belonging With People With Lived Experience? 

Link to recording: April’s Learning Circle below:

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Link to slides: Racial Equity & PWLEH 


Suggested Audience:  Communities in the Learning Circle/Lab

What is Meaningful Engagement?

May’s Learning Circle below: 

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Link to slide: What is meaningful engagement? 

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Description: EXAMPLE: The first Housing Stabilization Learning Cohort Peer Learning Kick-off call where the participating communities were introduced to each other, early learnings and goals were shared, and an HSLC overview was provided along with the Foundational Priorities. 

PWLEH Course Syllabus


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PWLEH Office hours: ­­­­­Every 4th Thursday of the month, 10am-12pm EST