Isolation Site for Individuals Who Are Homeless

April 3, 2020

High Level Policies and Procedures Overview

AUTHORITY:  Canadian Network for the Health and Housing of the Homeless 

DATE PRODUCED: March 16, 2020

TYPE: Guidance / Protocol


  • What do I need for a site to function as a quarantine space for people experiencing homelessness?
  • What do I do as the number of people infected with COVID-19 increases, as outlined by a three-phase approach?
  • How do I assess an individual’s needs?
  • How do I assign and train staff to support individuals in quarantine and isolation?
  • How do I handle meal service for people in isolation?
  • How do I discharge people from quarantine or isolation and safely prepare the space for the next occupant?

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and risks associated with local transmission in municipal settings, this plan is designed to support people who are experiencing homelessness. This collaborative plan includes the establishment of a dedicated site where individuals who are homeless can be safely and effectively isolated and/or quarantined consistent with public health standards as well as appropriate procedures to manage admission and transfer to this site. These policies and procedures are intended to serve as a general guide and framework to supplement existing public health protocols to ensure individuals who are homeless are supported in preventing acquisition and transmission of COVID-19.