APIC: Infection Prevention and Control for Shelters During Disasters

April 6, 2020

AUTHORITY: The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)


TYPE: Guidance/Protocol


  • How does one create isolation space in congregate settings (i.e. without access to units like a hotel or motel)?
  • How should we determine the most appropriate type of isolation housing or space for an individual?
  • What are the physical requirements for isolation spaces and housing? 

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This document consists of planning recommendations/guidance that can be used for preparedness and response to potential emergencies involving infection control issues in shelters. It is designed to be used as a planning and reference document for disaster planners running a shelter. It is hoped that infection prevention and control professionals will be involved in community shelters, but resources may not allow this. Therefore, this document was written with the assumption that a non-infection prevention and control professional would be implementing the recommendations. 

QUALIFICATIONS: Recommended that the community’s Emergency/Disaster Plan must be coordinated with local, regional, and state plans.