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Tableau Foundation and Community Solutions Partnership to Eliminate Veteran and Chronic Homelessness in 50 U.S. Communities

March 11, 2019

Tableau’s $1.3M donation builds on program that has already helped 10 communities end homelessness in target populations

AUSTIN, TEXASTableau Foundation and Community Solutions, a national leader in the fight to end homelessness, announced today an investment of $1.3 million in software, services, and financial support to help eliminate veteran and chronic homelessness in 50 communities across the U.S. by 2025. The partnership will help to expand the use of data and analytics in the Community Solutions’ highly successful Built for Zero program.
Powered by Tableau’s leading visual analytics platform, Community Solutions will help local leaders in cities across the country scale a proven model that helps communities determine the most effective intervention models for ending homelessness.
Built for Zero helps Continuums of Care– independent organizations that include representatives from nonprofits, cities, counties, and other people helping to end homelessness within a city or region–implement coordinated data systems that help communities understand how to use data to improve outcomes and track an end to homelessness. Built for Zero dashboards are decision support tools to help communities understand what programs and interventions would be the most effective. They allow administrators to visualize their monthly flow of people entering into homelessness in their community, and break this group down even further into more detailed categories, to get a clearer understanding of who is in their system and what their needs are. They also allow service providers and local government agencies to move from working with aggregate-level data to person-level data, allowing them to quickly identify and address a person’s needs.
“As a country, so much of our ability to drive down veteran and chronic homelessness comes from having good, timely data about people in need and how we can get them the right resources at the right time,” said Community Solutions President and CEO Rosanne Haggerty. “With Tableau, we’re able to streamline and automate analytics, which in turn enables communities to use data for decision-making and improvement, and ultimately drive an end to homelessness nationwide.”
The Built for Zero initiative is currently active in more than 70 communities across the country including Detroit, Phoenix, Jacksonville, St. Louis, and Denver. The results have been extremely promising: to date, 10 communities have measurably ended homelessness for veterans, individuals experiencing chronic homelessness, or both:
• Abilene, TX
• Arlington, VA
• Bergen County, NJ
• Ft. Myers/Lee County, FL
• Gulf Coast Region, MS
• Lancaster, PA
• Montgomery County, MD
• Norman, OK
• Riverside City and County, CA
• Rockford, IL
This is the first major grant made since Tableau Conference 2018 where the company announced it would grant $100M in software, training, and financial support through the Tableau Foundation between now and the year 2025. Over the next six years, Tableau Foundation will build the data and analytics capacity of organizations and public-private partnerships to address global health, poverty, gender inequality and climate action.
“Community Solutions has been a pioneer in the use of data to empower decision-makers and make an end to homelessness possible,” said Tableau Foundation Global Head, Neal Myrick. “By scaling this program and helping eliminate veteran and chronic homelessness in an additional 50 communities, we have an opportunity to help change the national conversation and show that this is a challenge we can overcome within our lifetime.”
For more information, please contact:
Anna Kim
Community Solutions
Steve Schwartz
Tableau Foundation
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About Community Solutions
Community Solutions helps communities adopt the best problem-solving tools from multiple sectors to end homelessness and the conditions that create it. We work upstream and downstream of homelessness by helping communities end it where it happens and improve the conditions of inequality that make it more likely to happen in the future, especially in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty. To learn more, visit