Resources for Leaders New to Racial Equity Work

October 15, 2020

Center Racial Equity

This resource list is geared toward organizational leaders new to racial equity work, and who want a better understand of what the work looks like. However, this resource list can also serve as introduction to racial equity work for all staffing levels. Know of a resource you think should be included here? Tell your Improvement Advisor or email

Definitions Worksheet

Start here!

Before anything else, it’s a good idea to orient leaders to the language used in racial justice work. While it’s true that not everyone subscribes to the terms and definitions in this resource, they do provide a working vocabulary for people new to the work.

A CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity

Recommended resource for business leaders

PolicyLink, FSG, JUST Capital, and Living Cities present an invitation and roadmap to help companies understand and address the intended and unintended consequences of all their products, policies, and practices on people of color, and by extension, our economy and democracy. The blueprint provides actions in three key domains: 1) inside the company, 2) within the communities where the companies are headquartered and conduct business, and 3) at the broader societal level.

Tools for Change

Bill and Aal Associates provide a variety of short pieces and tools for change useful for individual and group settings.