Community Builder’s Toolkit | Institute for Democratic Renewal

February 24, 2020

15 Tools for Creating Healthy, Productive Interracial/Multicultural Communities

“Whenever a diverse group is formed to work together on projects of mutual concern, they should first acknowledge that racism exists in all communities. Since it will need to be addressed eventually, the best way to do it is openly and honestly, up front, from the beginning to end. This is because unexamined racism itself prohibits the formation of healthy communities.”

INstitute for democratic renewal

Created by a team of scholars from the Institute for Democratic Renewal and Project Change Anti-Racism Initiative in 1999, this toolkit is a product of research of best practices for in strong interracial/multicultural community movements across the nation.

Short on time?

Skip ahead to page 34 to take the Marks of a Healthy, Productive Community-Based Program checklist to evaluate opportunities for improvement!