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The Sopris Sun: Facing the unhoused crisis

“You gotta believe it’s possible...I have every confidence that this group will come up with solutions.”
June 9, 2021

Colorado is experiencing an unprecedented and deepening housing crisis. With the cost of this basic need steadily climbing in what’s already one of the most expensive states to live in, new arrivals and longtime locals alike face tough decisions. The end of a countrywide moratorium on eviction looms; protections for renters unable to stay current due to pandemic hardships will expire on July 1. It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of Coloradans are still unable to pay rent and at risk of losing their housing. In response, The Sopris Sun presents a series of stories throughout June with a focus on housing, looking particularly at solutions.

Wilde works closely with Built For Zero, a movement initiated by the national nonprofit Community Solutions. The model assesses what level of housing and services an individual needs based on their personal factors and then matches them with resources, including housing opportunities. Built For Zero finds that the majority of people experiencing homelessness can be stabilized and aims to bring the total count of unhoused people down to zero.

“You gotta believe it’s possible,” Wilde told The Sopris Sun. “I have every confidence that this group will come up with solutions.”