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The Good Men Project Magazine: 40,000 Veterans Will Be Sleeping on the Street Tonight: Here’s How to Change That

It’s time we bring the number down to zero.
  |  November 12, 2020

Identifying all the veterans experiencing homelessness by name, and then intervening with individualized solutions is arduous work. But it’s being done as we speak. 

And the brands behind these data-driven movements to end homelessness aren’t hard to find —in fact, they’re right where you would most expect them to be. For instance, most recognize Rocket Mortgage® as a major player in moving the entire mortgage process online, but what a lot of people don’t realize is the assistance the lender has provided for veterans. Rocket Mortgage® has helped house more than 20,000 veterans across the country through its partnership with Community Solutions and the Built For Zero initiative over the last three years. The movement is all about working with real data—aka, every single name affected by the problem so that no one falls through the cracks—and finding the right solutions to secure stable housing for each individual.