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Housing First video for communities developed in partnership with VA

This explainer video, developed in partnership with the VA and the community of Detroit, is also available to be used by service providers in other communities.
January 5, 2023

Detroit is one of the large cities in the last mile of functional zero for veteran homelessness in Built for Zero. As they continue working toward this goal, the veteran service providers in the community wanted a way to broadly affirm their commitment to the approach and philosophy of Housing First.

Created in partnership with Veterans Affairs (VA), this new video explains what Housing First is, what individuals being served by the system should expect, and how the community will support them on their way to being housed. The goal is that every veteran in the system — regardless of where they are in it — can interact with this accessible information.

Watch Detroit’s video:

We hope that veteran-serving organizations and their employees will use, view, and share this valuable resource to support the buy-in and implementation of the Housing First approach across all service providers in Detroit. We have created a version that removes references to live-action shots from Detroit. Communities can use the Detroit video as a model to adapt the video to their own context, or just use the animated portion.



We can make a reality where veteran homelessness rarely occurs, and is brief when it does. 

And we are continuing to make progress, guided by our shared understanding that a home ends homelessness. 

Homelessness is traumatic, and the path out of it can be challenging. We want the journey home to feel as supported and direct as possible.

That’s why our entire community of providers is working together to try and make

every support we offer, 

every temporary stop someone takes, 

a step towards a permanent, safe, place to call home. 

That’s why we are proud to be a community that embraces Housing First. 

What is Housing First?

Housing First means we target barriers while actively looking to secure permanent housing. 

This approach allows us to support a foundation for health, recovery, and well being, while reducing the harm and trauma that accompanies being unhoused. 

  • Everyone is believed to be ready for housing. People aren’t screened out due to low or no income, lack of sobriety, or other issues.
  • Services are offered, but voluntary. Housing first doesn’t mean housing only. We offer services to support stability and individual well-being, but they are not a condition of tenancy in housing.
  • Housing First is supported by evidence. Providing housing for our unhoused neighbors is a proven approach that ensures people can rebuild their lives.

PART II: LIVE ACTION/Community-specific

Our community is committed to creating a reality where veteran homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring. 

<< Film and integrate a video of each provider with their name and organization name on screen (lower third or other) >>

  • [Organization Name] is proud to support Housing First.
  • [Organization Name] is proud to support Housing First.
  • [Organization Name] is proud to support Housing First.
  • [Organization Name] is proud to support Housing First.

We’re all proud to support Housing First in Detroit.

End Card

<< List all the providers names >>

Together, we can end veteran homelessness.

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