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Case Conferencing Transformer Cohort

Join this three-month BFZ Collaborative Cohort, and we'll practice pulling your team closer together and housing clients faster.
March 1, 2020

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Cohort dates: March 1 – May 31
Deadline to register: Tuesday, February 16

The Case Conferencing Transformer Cohort is a three-month experience that will guide your team through testing changes until you achieve results.
The Case Conferencing Transformer Cohort begins Monday, March 1!

You’ll practice, you’ll learn with others, and you’ll see your by-name list begin to reduce.

In this cohort, you’ll team up with other communities to assess the effectiveness of your case conferencing practice, select changes from our guided curriculum, workshop results with other leaders, and observe each other’s meetings. Everyone will track progress with easy measurement tools.

If you executed partial changes from the Case Conferencing Summit and Tool Bank, here is your chance to complete improvements and create an action-oriented, team-empowering practice.

Who from your community should join:

Anyone who is responsible for leading or designing a case conferencing meeting. If your community hosts multiple meetings, then your multiple leaders may participate in this cohort.

Time commitment:

60-90 minutes per week for 3 months. Activities will include cohort workshop calls, self-evaluation, observing peers’ meetings, designing changes, testing changes in your meeting, and recording data.

Expected results:

Decrease your length of time to house clients, and build a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

BFZ coaching during the cohort:

The Case Conferencing Transformer Cohort will be your main coaching engagement with BFZ for three months. We believe that case conferencing is worth prioritizing; if you make it great for each population in your system, you’ll see benefits.

Wondering if the Case Conferencing Transformer Cohort is a match for your community?

Ask BFZ Collaborative Strategy Lead Eddie Turner, or talk with your coach.