30 Day Target Move-In Date Calculator

Setting a Target Move-In Date Goal can bring new focus and clarity to the way that you work with clients every week.

At the end of your case conferencing meeting, consistently check how many target move-in dates your team has set for the next 30 days.

Are you on track to house enough people to reduce your actively homeless number?
This goal calculator will help you know.


It takes a lot of work to reduce your actively homeless number. This tool helps you focus on just one part, your housing placements. Use the Target Move-In Dates Guide along with this tool to ensure that your team is on track to house people at your desired rate.

This tool helps your case conferencing team set target move-in dates so that you can house people faster; it is not a forecasting tool. If your inflow or outflow rates change over the coming months, your actively homeless count will fluctuate. Give attention to your entire system! Reducing your actively homeless number requires accelerating your housing placements, yes, and also taking action to intentionally reduce people entering your system.